Who here HATES their job???


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Now I'm not big on whining, and I certainly love to make the most of certain situations, but this just blows.

Last year I had an incredible job doing private cooking for WONDERFUL people. It would get annoying at times but all jobs do. I loved my hours and my coworkers. When people asked me about my job all I could do was gush about how much I loved it and how happy I was.

Then I got an offer for a totally different kind of job for substantially more money. I was conflicted for a while but I decided to take it. It's been almost a year now and while the paychecks are AWESOME, I am miserable. I really hate this job. I seriously feel like I'm going to cry every morning that I walk in. My boss is the meanest mofo on the planet an it kills me to see the way he treats people. My hours are getting out of hand with overtime, and I'm covered in dirt every night when I get home.

Sorry to whine people, I know it sucks to hear people complain about their jobs. I was just wondering if there was anyone else out there who trudges not with a crummy job, but with an INTOLERABLE job? I'm currently looking for something else, but it's hard with my hours. I keep a resignation letter in my glove compartment just in case, lol.

More money ain't worth giving up something you love!
There are people who never learn that and are unhappy their whole life.

I hope something great finds you soon.
I quit a soul-sucking job of my own and have been out of work for a couple of years so i could go to school to do what i LOVE!!!! I will hopefully start that job tomorrow....fingers crossed. but trust me i know how you feel. the job i had before left me hating every moment of the workday and that hate spread to everyone around me too!
I think any job can be tolerable as long as the people you work with are tolerable.

I once worked during college for UPS. I sorted packages on the belt as they were unloaded off of trailers.

The belt supervisor was great but, my night shift supervisor was a piece of work.

When I finally quit, (to go to dental school) I wrote a scathing letter to expose all of his misdeeds.
I turned it into the personnel department telling them I wanted it to go into his permanent file.
I copied the letter and the night I quit, I handed it out to everyone that worked there as we finished our shift the night.
There were folks cheering me as they read it.

The supervisor called me weeks later begging me to retract the letter and I know he was recording me.
I simply said, "Every word I wrote was 100% the truth and you know it. (and with that I ended) You can go rot in hell!". click.

Once of the sweetest phone calls I ever had.

I hope he thought twice about how he treated people after that.

I later heard that my letter was the tipping point for his being fired a few months after I left.

moral of the story.

Don't piss me off.
Retired two years ago from a job I hated so much that I was physically sick every morning. The supervisor was a WITCH, she screamed at every one, barked orders, changed her mind constantly, belittled everything, and nothing was ever done right unless she had done it. She had an 8:15 meeting every morning with the senior staff, we called it the morning beating. I was eligible for retirement on a Tuesday and that Friday was my last day. Never looked back and never regretted early retirement. Life is too short to work a job that makes you sick.
You should have written the letter while you were still employed there. Then you could have faced the guy in person and let him know what you thought.
You used a W instead of a B. All the witches I know are great people.

I have a supervisor that used to be very difficult. Word finally filtered up and she has gotten much better. My company sends their supervisors to management classes. It seemed to help her a lot. I can deal with her a lot better now. I just always make sure my performance is above standard so we don't have any problem issues. It was a learning curve for sure.

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