Who here is a flight nurse?


10 Years
May 19, 2009
A flight nurse is a registered nurse as well as a paramedic, and he/she rides around in a helicopter saving lives. I've been thinking about it a lot lately, and I believe that may be what I want to be when I grow up! I have three years in as a basic EMT, and I know that I have a passion for helping people in this way. Right now, I am an overpaid union- affiliated factory worker, and I want to keep droning on there while I train if I can.

I know step one is to call for a ride- along, but maybe step .8 is to get opinions from people who are already doing it. So, if you ride in helicopters saving lives, how do you like it, and would you reccomend it to me?
I don't do it. But I can tell you that I have the utmost respect and admiration for those who do, it can't be an easy way to make a living. It must come from the heart, the very soul.

That being said, I CAN give you a friendly bump. And wish you the very best of luck in your endeavours.
Retired From Flight Nursing. It Is Not For Frail Or Weakminded.... As A Flight Nurse You Are A Severly Selctive Field That Takes Many Years Of Training And Dedication As Well As "the Right Stuff" In Character. Most Work The 24 Hr Shifts Of Paramedics... 24 Hrs Is A Very Long Time. The Select Few That Make The Cut Have Paramedic Street Time As Well As Intensive Rn Background With Yrs Of Experience And Unfortunately There Is Always The Politics Of Getting A Chance To Make Flight Team... Many Years Of Education, Experience And Playing The Game In The Right Place Are Required... To Put It In Comparison Its Easier To Become A Veterinarian.

If Your A Blood And Guts Adrenaline Freak Who Does Not Require Sleep Or Basic Logical Reasoning To Your World Then Its The Bomb!
Flew At Uc In Cincy, When I Moved Down To Fla I Went To Work For Fire Rescue And Worked Per Diem Rn At Tgh And St Joes, Also Ex Worked At Bayfront... I Know Many Or Have Worked With Many Here In The Bay Area At 1 Point Or Another Between Er's Tncc Classes Alcs Classes, Pals Classes Btls, Atls, Etc... But None There At Uf, Orlando, Or Miami Area.... I Was Toying With Flying For St Joes At 1 Point In Time But Ran Out Of Patience And Chose To Persue Other Highly Specialized Interests In The Fire Rescue Field (thats The Problem With Us Adrenaline Junkies--- Get Bored Easily And Dont Have Much Patience
Did you love it, though? I run for one squad when I'm at work and another when I'm at home, and I don't want to miss a call! I lack experience, as I respond about 30 times a year, but I relish every single call. I look up info beyond my cert. level, help with training, and take notes at every seminar I can get my hands on. My certification limitations really frustrate me, when I know that so much more can be done if I only had the equipment and back-up. One squad I run with doesn't even have a cardiac monitor, and some of the EMT's hesitate to take a glucoscan because of the "unnecessary pain" that may be inflicted!!! When we call for a bird, I know that they can get the patient to a trauma center or cath lab much faster than an ambulance can, and they can do more en route than we can as well. We do good, don't get me wrong, but I really feel that this is my passion, and I would like to get solid advice before I go down this road.

I was a vet assistant in high school, and I was always called on for the "squeamish" jobs, and Lord knows that I don't shrink at blood and deformities. I may gimp around the house from joint damage and laziness, but I am dressed and halfway across the lawn to the firehouse (it's in my back yard) before even know which of my pagers is dropping tones. This may be what I was put here for...

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