Who Is Laying The Other Brown Egg!!!

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    Hello, I have 3 layers. 2 of the girls have laid an egg a day since we got them. The other is a bird that should be laying white eggs. (According to the ear color rule)
    This chicken has not laid to our knowledge in the 4 months since we received her with the group, although I was told she was their best layer.

    In the last month I have been occasionally getting 3 eggs per day. I attributed this to one of the 2 layers laying 2 eggs in a day.
    Well , it has happened 3 days in a row!! Is it always true that if the chicken has white ears it lays white eggs? Do I have bad information?

    I collect everyday so they can't have piled up from days before. Any thoughts would be awesome. [​IMG]
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    Sorry, One Black and one Red Sex link.

    The other is all white with some black, looks most like a picture of a Delaware I have seen a pic of.
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    Quote:Delaware's have red earlobes and lay brown eggs.

    There are a few exceptions, but most breeds that have white earlobes lay white eggs. Most breeds with red earlobes lay brown eggs. The Dorking is one exception, they have red ears and lay creamy white colored eggs. ETA: The Vorwerk is another exception, they have white ears and lay brown eggs.
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