Who is laying which eggs? photo included

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    I've tried to sort by color, as you might see in the photo below. I don't care about size, although the darkest eggs seem to be the largest and the really light brown ones tend to be smaller. There are some olive-ish ones with cool brown spots in the middle. I have about 15 BO, 2 that might be Comets, and 2 Barred Rocks. I'm just curious. We already have 1 broody BO (sitting on 1 [​IMG] egg), and 6 comets, 6 barred rocks and 5 silverlaced wyandots that are 1 month old.

    none of this matters. I'm just wondering! BTW I had just rinsed them all with cold water, so they are in the process of drying if you see other odd things in the photo.

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    Hmmm... I have no idea! [​IMG]

    Different birds within the same breed can lay different shades of brown. So I can't really say, oh the comets are laying the darker eggs, or whichever. Ya know?

    Anyway, congrats on all those lovely eggs.

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