Who is laying?

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  1. bja105

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    May 3, 2009
    Western PA
    I have 10 one year old Rhode Island Red hens and a rooster. I have had them for 6 weeks. After a few weeks of few or no eggs, I now get 4-6 a day. I have a new flock of 2 month olds in a pasture pen, to be moved into the coop this fall. I plan to give a friend some of the old hens, some pullets, and a cockeral.

    By visual inspection, how do I tell which of the old hens are currently laying? They may all be laying every other day, or half may be laying every day. I can assume all of them have layed at some point in their lives.

    Here are some pics that won't help us guess, but we all like looking at chickens.

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    Nice looking birds. I have four mutt hens, and one was laying, but now she's molting. The other three are just getting that nice red color in their wattles, so it won't be long now...unless they molt too.
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    great chickens they look like my ladies....

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