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    Hi, I am new here but, I have a question about my backyard flock that I was hoping someone here may be able to answer. First, I know it is winter and many chickens don't lay much if any in the winter. Now, my flock consists of 1 seabright bantam hen (rarely lays), 2 turken pullets(one 5 months old one 8 months old), 1 frizzle, 2 silkies, 1 silkie\ polish cross, 3 polish. Lately, I have started to receive about one large light brown to dark brown egg a day. All of the chickens above were purchased as straight run day to week old chicks last may-june with the exception of the younger turken but, she was 3 months old when purchased (also both turkens were purchased as pullets as stated above). None of my chickens crow (yet) but, I am not sure who is laying....I have seen the frizzle in the nest box but, I am not sure she was laying or playing (looked like she was trying to have a dust bath in the straw).

    I am just curious and have tried to look up egg colors to determine who could be my layer but, have not had luck. I am also wondering if I could have more than one hen laying because of the color differences in the eggs. Also wondering if I have a bunch of quiet roos being as none of my "girls" layed in the warm months except my bantam. Oh the joys of straight run :) Thank you in advance for any light you may be able to shed on the situation.

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    Pictures of your chickens would really help with sexing.

    Different colored eggs means more than one is laying. The color of eggs does not vary drastically for a hen.

    You can estimate who's laying by feeling the pubic bones under their vents and seeing who's are pliable and wide. You feel with a couple fingers just an inch or two under their vent. If you can fit more than one finger in the space between the bones then you have a layer or on who is close to laying. If you the bones are really close together then you probably have a roo.

    Roos can take awhile to start crowing.

    Oh, and if you google "(specific chicken breed) egg" under images you'll see examples.
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    i would have to say turken
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    If they're large eggs I'm thinking the turkens. The others are going to lay smaller eggs, I believe. As stated, pics can help tell who is what gender and who is at point of lay. Your turkens are your only good layers, the others aren't as production oriented and won't lay as well overall.

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