Who is laying?

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    So I have 7 chickens and I am almost positive one of them is not laying.

    How do I figure out which one it is?

    They are about 8 months old. And i know for sure all 7 where laying. Just one has stopped for some reason.

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    Two thoguhts;

    1) You'd have to watch them and note who is laying eggs and who isn't, otherwise it's pure speculation.

    2) The pullets that are laying should have a brighter comb and wattle, while the one who is not will be more dull and maybe less full.

    Sometimes they quit laying if they are ill, such as fighting a Marek's infection or are heavily infested with lice or mites. Not sure what to tell you about that other than check them out closely and see if you can pin-point any issues that need attention. Then again it could be something mundane...There's nearly a countless list of reasons.
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  3. Check all of their pubic bones. Hens that are laying will have a 2 or 3 finger wide space between their pelvic bones.
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    I find this video to be helpful.
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    How do you know one has stopped?
    You won't get 7 eggs every day even if all 7 are laying.

    What kind are they?....some are slow to start laying consistently.

  6. Utard

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    Mine seem to be extremely productive?

    I have 2 americaunas, 2 bar rock, 2 golden sex link and 1 rhode island red.

    I basically get 6 eggs every day. Maybe in one week one day has 5 and one has 7 and the others 6 per day.

    I think the americaunas are alternating days? At the very beginning when they started laying they gave me 2 greenish eggs a day.

    But that did not last very long. Now it is only 1 green a day.

    But the odd thing is today I did get 7 eggs but it was 6 brown and 1 green.

    So now I am wondering if one of the americaunas has changed to brown eggs instead of green or somebody once and a while lays two a day?

    But the main reason I wanted to try and figure out what is going on is one of the americaunas has all the feathers stripped from her back, butt and only one tail feather. It just looks sad that they all just don't stop picking out her feathers (jerks). And I was thinking maybe she could be stressed and not laying because of it?

    Unfortunately I have no was of isolating her for her to heal up. But I will be moving them in the next 2 weeks and at some point I will build a new coop and can then isolate her so she can heal up.

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