Who Is My Mommy?


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Mar 2, 2009
North East
I gave a friend 6 eggs and 3 hatched. My rooster is a blue silkie. I gave her 2 each of White Crested Polish, EE & Orpington eggs. She said she thinks one of each color egg hatched but is not sure.

The first I know is a silkie WCP cross. I had another I hatched that looked like this ones twin.
It is more of a blue grey then it appears in the second photo.

Here are the other two that I am not sure of at about a week old. The only way we could tell them apart was that one was skinny and one fat

Here they are now. They are still the same color. The second one is not that light. The second one is just now starting to get some longer feathers on his/her head similar to
the way my silkies get them. Dad is a blue silkie. Is mom an Orpington or an EE? I think they are the same breed and that would make me say they are not from a WCP hen
because I know for certain only 2 WCP eggs were in the incubator.



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Jul 14, 2009
Don't know what they are but # 3 is soo cute w/ those big eyes!
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