Who Knew Chickens Love Green Beans SO MUCH?


9 Years
Oct 5, 2010
Owosso, MI
I had a couple of bean plants left in the garden that had some big old beans on them, like to the point when they just taste terrible. So, I threw them into my hens, and they didn't really do anything but I broke them in half and got the seeds out and threw them in and they went CRAZY for them. I don't know maybe it's just my chickens, anyone else expericence this? And would they eat the dried planting seeds?
haven't tried green beens but mine love peas,caned, frozen or fresh
I got some green beans from a friend and yes...mine went crazy over the seeds but eventually ate the outside too. They actually got the seeds out themselves...was fun watching them.
Try letting them into your garden next year when the bean are just ready and see if they like them.
Been there, done that.
Mine like any kind of lettuce best. They eat almost any produce that I share with them, but lettuce is tops.

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