Who knew humans were the worst predators?


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In our local paper tonight was a letter to the editor that makes me furious - not at the author but what they've gone through... here's the letter:

Organic Theft

Dear Editor:

Thank you to the person or persons who helped themselves to 15 of our prized heritage Chantecler chickens on Saturday while we were at a daytime fundraising event at [omit].

You obviously knew what you were doing, except you left the hatch door open - it had been double checked. You also knew how to get around our dogs.

It is interesting that you knew that these chickens were near market-size and easy pickings. If you had contacted me telling me how hungry your family is, or perhaps how much you needed them because your own farm is in dire straits, I would have the chance to be compassionate; I would have understood; you did not do that.

Due to your selfish actions we will have to lock the gate at the road - an action we had hoped not to have to do while living in [omit] Township. As many of those stolen birds are layers, you have also deprived me and my customers of eggs for the next two years.

Enjoy your organic chicken.


I've omitted the author's name but if this was your letter - well said and I'm sorry for your loss. My anger at the situation can't come close to yours or the sense of being violated that something like this would / could / DID happen.

To everyone else - seriously! Who steals chickens?!?
I've had eggs and chickens stolen from me, but I live in a city and there's no lock on the gate. People will help themselves to whatever they want if no one is there to stop them...
Plenty of folks... over a 3 week time period, around June, almost a dozen of my breeding birds were plucked from thier pasture coops by some human. They even came up within 100yds of the house to steal my sons Buff Silkie pair
They were also the only birds laying, thus we had to eggs for us or to sell and recoup some costs
That theft put us back several years, as far as breeding is concerned
not to mention the fact of feeling completely violated
That's awful. I live in the city and have been a little worried about someone coming thru the alley and taking a chicken or two. Either a kid for the fun of it or something worse. May need to think about locking the back gate! People are nuts!
I had eggs stolen this week, I like the writer would have gladly given the eggs to whom ever needed them. But don't steal them.
I agree "thesweetone" this infuriates me too.
This is awful! It breaks my heart for those who had their chickens stolen by ruthless/heartless people.

I keep my chickens locked behind a steel door in our garage. No one can get in, thankfully. I warned my neighbor about this. Her chickens are very easy to get at.

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