Who Knows Speckled Sussex?????


8 Years
Apr 21, 2011

Is this a speckled sussex? she/he is supposed to be, but the more I see her the less i think she/he is.... maybe a regular sussex? i dont know because because I have never had chickens before. the others look like this:


the feathering is just different, lighter.... it always has been though, look...


You can see her at the top left, just under the silver laced wyandottes (the black ones)

Does anyone know??? i am curious..
Yes, looks just like a special sussex! oops I mean Speckled Sussex, pretty too!
some of mine are lighter some darker too, there just individual, when they get older some will be mostly mohogney with little white and some will have bunches and bunches of white Its fun watching them grow out Dotti was dark Mohogney with little white spots and Uno is almost white with Mohogney mixed in there.
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I have one that does not look like my other either. Some one told me it may be a roo or it may be a runt. One has the pretty speckles this one is just brown tan
mahogany colors and is smaller then the others. His /her carriage is all different also so we will wait to see. we call it nosy because it's the first one to check
every thing out.
Mine is very dark and very white all at once. Her mahogany color is deep and rich but she also has a very white belly and wing tips like yours. I think that the color has nothing to do with gender and everything to do with lineage.
They all start out like that, mine are all 7 weeks old Babies, they won't get their true colors til there much older, how old are your babies all five of my young ones have mostly white chests and bellys and white feathers on the bottomside of their wings all of that will change and clear up as they mature.
chickensducks&agoose :

top left? or top right?

oops.. i ment top right......

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