Who laid the egg? Do I have a brown laying EE?

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  1. TinyLittleFarm

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    Mar 8, 2010
    Since we have found two eggs in one day, I have at least two of my 22-24 week old pullets laying. (Seven more to go...c'mon girls!) I have 3 Red Stars, 3 EE, and 2 Light Brahmas. I know for sure that one of the Red Stars is laying. Here is where the mystery comes in.

    All the eggs have been very similar in size and color. A bit smaller than store bought and a light brown color. This morning, my daughter found an egg that was a bit bigger, but the same color. It had a bit of a lumpy spot--nothing major, just something we noticed. It also had a feather that we narrowed down to one of my EE's stuck to it, so the kids are convinced that the EE is our second layer.

    The coop, of course, has plenty of feathers floating around, but DD was adamant that this one was stuck to it. Whatever.

    The Red Stars are all 24 weeks and the EEs are 22. All are red in the face and squatting, as are the light brahmas, but I doubt it's them because they are a slower developing breed.

    Would a brown EE egg look nearly identical to a Red Star egg? Please say no. I want blue and green eggs from my Easter Eggers! [​IMG]

    ETA: Oh and we have only seem Red Stars in the nesting boxes, where all the eggs were laid. I can't tell my 3 red girls apart, so I have no idea if I'm looking at the same chicken each time!
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  2. MoSo

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    I've 3 EEs and all 3 of them lay brownish eggs (one is sort of pale pink-brown and the other two are just regular brown).
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    All red stars do not lay the same egg. Some will be lighter or larger etc. I suspect the feather was in the nest and the egg was laid on top of it and it stuck. If your EE's are squatting it should not be long until you can be certain. I was blessed with three EE's and all lay shades of blue or blue-green. Good Luck Gloria Jean
  4. speckledhen

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    Brahmas, especially hatchery types, can start early. My own Lt. Brahma, Miranda, laid her first egg at 19 weeks old. Most of those are very broad and rounded, though, a different shape than most of my other birds.
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    Quote:I agree. The feather MIGHT be from the pullet who layed the egg, but probably was not...

    I've had five EE, all from McMurray. Four layed beautiful blue/green eggs, and the fifth layed brown eggs that looked just like the other brown-egg-layer's eggs. With hatchery "Americanas," it's rather common to get one who lays brown eggs...

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