Who laid this egg? A Dominique? A Buff Orpington? A Rhode Island Red?


8 Years
Dec 25, 2011
Virginia (Zone 7)
So, one of my recently transplanted birds just laid an egg! It's a light pinkish brown. I'm having a hard time telling from pictures whether it is likely to be from my Dominique, by Buff Orpington or one of my Rhode Island Reds. I own all three. I suspect it was the buff, since she spends the most time hanging around the nest box, but is there any way to distinguish between the three? It's a powdery pinkish buff egg. When I get it wet, it looks more brown, but it dries back to that same matte powdery pinkish tinge.

Here is a picture. The mystery egg is in the middle. The white egg is from the store, and the darker egg is from one of my Marans. I know that the Marans should be laying much darker eggs - I'm unlikely to buy from that breeder again...

Here is a comparison to a store-bought egg. You can see a little wet patch where the orangish brown color shows through.

Any help is appreciated!
It's probably not an Orp, however, on occasion, even one of my Blue Orp hens does lay an egg more on the brown side than cream colored side. You cannot tell which breed for certain laid that egg, but most likely, it is not the Orp.
My BO, Pearl, lays a paler, somewhat pinkish egg, but it is NOT matte. It, of my BLRW and JG, is the least matte finished. It is not exactly glossy, but it is not at all chalky. The JG is darker, sometimes speckled, and always matte. The BLRW has only given me 7 examples to qualify, but hers have been very pale and also matte finished.


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