Who Laid This Egg


Feb 11, 2018
Duluth, GA
Can you tell me what kind of chicken who would lay this speckled egg...
I have a young flock consisting of an easter egger, barred rock/ameracauna, barred rock, and black sex link.
Probably just a glitch.
Did they wash off?
Were they hard and rough?

'Speckled' eggs can happen for several different reasons...very few, if any, of which are a 'problem'.
Can be caused by:
Excess or uneven pigment coating.
Excess or uneven cuticle(bloom).
Excess calcium deposits.
Porous eggs can appear speckled.
Some birds lay them consistently, some only once in awhile.
The pigment or bloom can change appearance when wet, then change back when dry again.
As long as bird is getting a good diet and is healthy in every other way, it is no cause for concern.

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