Who laid this egg?

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  1. I have a silver laced polish and two silver phoenix's. They are all laying but I don't know who laid what egg. One of the phoenix's may be a cross. But my question is, of the 3 I was told that they all lay white eggs, about medium sized. Who is laying the cream colored eggs? I have seen the hens and she may not be a cross now that I looked up some pictures of the silver phoenix's. Can someone answer this one for me? I am lost and want to cross the polish to see what i get from different roos.
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    If you can't catch them in the act or make trap nests, it can be quite hard to figure out, especially if you have a possible mix. I've gotten tan eggs from white leghorns and nearly white ones from "brown" layers.
  3. thanks I will do that. My son is always out there looking for eggs and I am almost positive he will be out there to see her in the act.

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