who laid this egg?!?!?

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    every day my dominique lays a lovely brown egg 55-57 grams and a medium brown color, she is currently my best layer. my leghorn is producing 3 eggs a wk at 58-60 g and white, as is the red sexlink who was sold to me as a brown layer but makes an ivory colored egg. i imagine the poor production is due to the short winter days. any way.... today i found 2 brown eggs in the box one was the standard 56.2 g from my dom.... the other is a 77.6 g brown egg! is this egg from my dominique???? or is it from my lone cornish cross? really, im not sure exactly what she is. she was the only one there and i got her from a lady who rescues the unwanted chickens. i was told she was a cornish x and that she was really a meat bird.... but she was so precious and lonely i took her home and now i have had her for 5 months she is growing faster than the other girls did but i think foraging may have slowed her down some.... could she have laid this massive egg???? is she even a cornish x? what do you think?[​IMG]
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    She's not the average Cornish X (Honestly I'd think it be less confusing if they called them Cornish Rocks more often because technically you can cross a Cornish with anything and it's still a Cornish cross.) A Cornish Rock is heavier set and white. I've seen another Cornish Crossbred like this one somewhere else. I'm starting to believe that it's infused with some sort of laying breed to improve the egg production. The Cornish side might make her fill out faster because she still is a Cornish.
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    Your bird is not the Cornish cross meat bird, she's a white laced red Cornish. They were also known as Indian Jungle Fowl (well, the Dark Cornish were anyway). The egg is probably hers. They're not stellar layers, but are supposed to be great broody hens and good mommas. She's not going to die young like the Cornish cross meaties, she'll live a normal life like the rest of your birds.

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