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May 6, 2019
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Hi all, I am so confused! I have 7 new girls I have added to our coop and they are beginning to lay their first eggs. However, I have done my fair share of reading about what breed lays what eggs. Here are the breeds I have..

2 Americaunas (Easter Eggers)
1 Silver laced wyandotte
2 Buff Orpingtons
1 Brahma Bantam
1 Barred Rock

I have seen the eggs my Silver laced laid, a nice light brown color. However recently I believe the Barred Rock started laying but I cant tell who else since my girls like to be left alone while laying. My issue is that yesterday and today I had 4 small eggs and all of them were light brown EXCEPT ONE!!! It has a dark red tint to it and almost a rust color. Any idea what breed could have laid these???


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Could an Easter egger lay this color? We have one that I suspect is getting ready to lay but I thought they usually lay blue or olive colored eggs?
I’ll also add that I know the Wyandotte lays light brown eggs because we’ve seen her lay a few times as she likes to lay in the afternoon after everyone else laid theirs. Usually we’ve collected all the eggs and then when the girls are free ranging our Wyandotte goes in to lay
Maybe your barred rock is a cuckoo maran. That is the exact color of my cuckoo girls eggs. She has the prettiest and perfect shell strength and has been my most consistent layer for over 7 years

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