Who Layed That Egg?

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    Hopefully some of you can humor me with your educated guesses. We have 8 pullets (2 Easter Eggers, 2 Barred Rocks, 1 Brown Leghorn, 1 Black Silkie, 1 Black Sexlink, and 1 Lavender Orpington). One of the EE, the Lavender Orpington and the Silkie are 20 weeks today, the others will be 18 weeks in 2 days. When our older EE "Lady Liberty" was 19 weeks and 1 day, she laid our very first pretty, little green egg. A few days later, she laid another that was twice the size of the first. Lady Liberty laid both of her eggs in the same nesting box that we saw her frequenting. The very next day after Lady Liberty's 2nd egg, we found a tiny green egg (that is a slightly different shade of green) on the floor of the coop. That day the younger Easter Egger had been in and out of the nesting boxes and VERY vocal. The Leghorn had been doing the same thing (but still no egg from her). Is is possible that this 3rd smaller green egg of a different shade came from our younger Easter Egger who was only 17.5 weeks at the time we found the egg? Or is is more likely that Lady Liberty laid a smaller 3rd egg on the floor instead of in the nesting box where she laid her other two? One day after a giant green egg? Any ideas? Thanks! Here is a picture of the 2nd large egg and the 3rd smaller egg. I would have never guessed our EEs would be the first laying!

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    Either scenario is possible. Finding an egg on the floor in new layers is normal. They are still figuring out laying. Egg colour can also vary day to day in new layers as well as size. I'm guessing that the same bird laid all.
    Congrats on your eggs! Half the fun is finding out the answers to these types of questions. Keep is us posted on your results of your detective work! !
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