who let the chicks out? who who?

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  1. cami

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    May 18, 2010
    today i let my lil baby silkies (they are about 5.5 weeks old) outside to mingle with my 3 big girls. they were sooo happy to be out of that little chick coop [​IMG] and run it was soooo funny to watch them run around and explore [​IMG] they stayed with the big girls for awhile then the big girls wandered off and my silkies went to sleep in the sun. they are sooo cute then the lowest in the pecking order (pez) found something yummy to eat and the silkies hurried over to see if they could get a yummy snack. i was kinda worried at first cuz pez was giving them the evil eye and acting like she was going to attack but the chicks just started scratching at the ground and everything was fine. later on that day i saw all the chickens together ( for most of the day the chicks were in a different flock then the big girls) taking a dust bath in the big girls favorite place to dust bath. haha the are the most adorable thing ever then the smallest silky (frap) jumped on the head of the big girls back and started attacking her cuz she wanted her raisin it was the most ridiculous thing that i have ever seen and what made it even funnyer was that mary ellen (the leader of the big girls) ran away as fast s she could [​IMG] new flock leader? i think so [​IMG]
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    It is fun to watch the chicken's create their relationships with each other. It will be very obvious who is in charge and the pecking order as it works out.

    Lots of interesting times a head for you.

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