Who needs Ham when you have Toms like these LOL

Biggest Hams
LOL! I just got some adult turkeys a couple of months ago and every time the dog barks they gobble! I call the cats or dog and off they go... it's so funny. Even the (close) neighbor thinks it's funny and will try to get them going!
I go outside and call "turkey, turkey, turkey" and they go off... love the sound!
Can't believe how much fun turkeys are! I have 2 Toms and three Jennies.

9 eggs in the bator for hatching right now.... I want more!!

Two are destined for Christmas dinner... My breeding trio is Beltville Small White... They have alot of work to do over the coming year
So they are saved from the roasting pan for the next season.

Great Turkey Hams... But really... all Toms are Hams.


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