Who Needs Roosters ? Short story with good ending..

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    May 21, 2011
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    I have 2 roosters. One is a WCP and the other is a Salmon Favorelle. Each rooster has their own girls, the SF has 1 girl, however.

    Yesterday, I had decided to let all groups outside since we had a rare sunny day where the temperature was above 0 degrees. The groups of my babies also include 3 ducks and their BR hen and 6 assorted bantams including Molted Cochin, Silkies and a Millie.

    All birds are fenced in and have cover.

    I was in the house all day doing odds and ends until I had to leave for about 45 mins.

    I returned home with my teenage sons.

    My 16 yr old knows to automatically go to the birds and do chores.

    He came running inside yesterday around 4 pm, saying that 2 hens are " not where theyre supposed to be and Bobby, ( the SF roo ), looks like hes dying )!

    OMG. ! My stomach sunk and I got that same sick feeling, the same as when my son found his other BR hen had tragically drowned .

    If youve ever lost any of your pet chickens, Im sure you know the feeling.

    I had on a light shirt , warm up pants and clogs.

    We ran outside and I promptly found myself in knee deep snow with No shoes by this time...I lost them along the way.

    There was Bobby...my Special Needs son"s beloved chicken, laying on top of the snow, bleeding from an unknown location at the time, and

    Literally , Frozen and stuck to the ground.

    There was blood and feathers from him and his hen, Lucy, circling their coop indicating a heck of a chase from Some unknown predator that

    was pulling out feathers mostly from his backside, and a few from Lucy, who by the way, was one of the misplaced hens.

    We STILL can not figure out how she and my Blk Australorp hen from the flock containing Her roo, ended up in with the ducks and BR..

    It took me a few mins to get Bobby's feet and belly ,un stuck from the ice.

    He was barely conscious and was covered in snow and ice.

    We ran him into a section of my house that is quite large, non carpeted and was set up to be a " Birdy Hospital", complete with a dog crate

    with straw , water and feed dishes AND, and stocked with BLUKOTE and a BLOOD CLOTTING POWDER, which I KNOW, Saved

    him....Personally, I believe ALL pet chicken owners, or any chicken or poultry owner, who loves their birds enough to attempt to save them

    WHEN, ( and I say When because ALL poultry animals Are going to have incidents where we will lose a bird or some, to ANY type of

    mishap ), MUST have on hand in cases such as mine.

    I held Bobby , wrapped in a big towel , and we sat in front of a space heater I also had set up.

    We did our best to clean his head with warm bowls of water and clothes, trying to locate the source of the bleeding.

    It came from a cut below his left eye, a few on his comb and wattles, so , once we cleaned him, we carefully applied the Blood clotting powder

    on and around his head which stopped the bleeding in moments!

    A careful application of BluKote, and Viola....I have a LIVE, yet Purple, rooster who continued to defrost.

    We brought in Lucy so he can see that she was OK, although missing a few feathers.

    He promptly stood right over her when she layed down, and began " Cooing" softly.

    This brought tears to our eyes as we began trying to figure out what went after them but caught Bobby.

    We STILL cant determine what got him, but we believe it was some land predator that somehow got into their fence.

    All birds are Alive and well , although we Still cant figure out how his girl and the other rooster's girl, ended up in with the ducks and other


    This rooster DOES NOT care for me, however, hes still my baby and my feelings are not hurt.

    I know alot of chicken owners dont like or want roosters and either give them away or kill them for being who they genetically are

    programmed to be...a protector of his flock.

    I firmly believe that owners who may have young children , for instance, should try to keep the child Away from the bird and

    not kill it for being who he is. This is MY belief...some of you may disagree and I respect that.

    So...as the title of this post reads, " Who needs roosters ? "...Your hens do....
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    Nov 11, 2012
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    Awwwww, who n eeds a Rooster? We all do!
    Words do not describe all that I have learned, the awe I have felt, the respect I have, the "MOMENTcS"...yes, profound 'moments' that I have experienced both with & because I have a Rooster as a family member.
    We watch him with fascination, listen to him, laugh at him, cry for him and have cried with him and, yes, we sometimes fear him... My husband (the great big 'other' Rooster) y y
  3. My Hens and Roo

    My Hens and Roo Chillin' With My Peeps

    Nov 11, 2012
    Cornelius Oregon
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  4. ladychicken&Ducklover

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    May 21, 2011
    Champion, Michigan
    Thank you for your post. I totally understand.

    However , I'm trying not to feel like I jinxed things because my son advised me early

    this morning , that Whatever it is , somehow got into the coop where I have

    My WCBP Roo and his girls , and got MY baby !! She was a SLW

    about 1.5 years old !

    Everyone else is OK but the Roo looks like he did all he could.

    Now I dont feel like they are safe during the day OR night now.

    Ive been outside all morning patching up where I think it came in, but

    whatever it is , can squeeze thru an 1.5 inch opening above the door.

    We've Never had a predator problem.

    Bobby , my injured Salmon Favorelle , is doing fine, but awfully purple

    From BluKote , but he's eating and drinking and his hen is keeping

    him happy.

    I firmly believe that by bringing his hen in to the "hospital", helped pull him through.

    I'm wanting to think that if he saw what he was fighting to protect and

    that she's ok , then he would feel better.

    Back to fixing the coops.
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    A rooster just does what nature programmed him to do, protect his hens at the cost of his own safety. I love my roosters! I know they are the reason I have never had a predator loss in the 7 years of keeping chickens, even free ranging in our predator-rich environment. Unfortunately, my last remaining rooster is now about to turn 4 years old and when he's gone, I must hatch out a new generation of protectors for my flock.

    I hope your boy pulls through and lives to fight another day (though I hope he never has to!)

    Read the amazing stories, linked below, of what one rooster did to protect his hens. They'll bring tears to your eyes. And he's still alive and kicking with a zero tolerance policy for predators, if you can even believe it. He's one in a million. Make no mistake, most will die in effort to defend their flocks, but that is their duty.


    ETA: a weasel can get through that size opening, or a rat, even. Weasels are fierce predators, decimating entire flocks. I hope you can find where it got through and shore it up. Roosters are wonderful, some more than others, but there is only so much they can do against a predator. Good luck to you!
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    Oct 31, 2008
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    I'm sorry you lost your SLW hen.

    At least your rooster,Bobby and his hen are doing better.

    I wonder if the predator could be a mink or weasel.

    Whatever the predator, I hope your chickens stay safe. I know how horrible a feeling it is to lose them.
  7. Suzierd

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    Aug 8, 2011
    I too am thinking weasel. I would set a trap for him or he'll keep finding ways in. Sorry for your hen.
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    Aug 28, 2012
    Planet No
    What an amazing story. Yes, our hens have never been without a rooster. They probably never will. We have 4-5 roosters, and all have their own girls. If any of those girls wander from their rooster, they will fly across the yard, squawking, to their roo(s). Then the roo(s) will coo and talk to them. Roosters are great.

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