Who pecked the chick?

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    May 4, 2008
    I have nine 5-week old chicks that are not cared for by their mother any longer. I posted another thread on the mean hens earlier. Things are tense in the coop but outside they have the room they need. They are outside free ranging most of the day and go inside at night on their own but the chicks only when the older hens are on their roost. The little ones are not roosting yet.
    The problem is that this evening I found a chick with a bloody head, caused by two puncture wounds. I don't know who did it. The hens or his siblings. This injured chick is one who likes to jump onto his siblings himself and gets annoying once in a while. Since chickens peck on blood I have put him/her in a birdcage to heal before he gets out again. it looks like he will be OK but I put neosporin on his head just in case.
    My question is who is most likely to have pecked him? We also have a wild female turkey around, could she...?
    Next question. Once he/she is healed how do I reintroduce him/her again to the rest or shall I put the cage and injured chick in the coop? Oh, and I have arranged separate inside quarters for both groups. Lots of management needed right now.
    Please help me out and thanks.
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    Anyone could have pecked him, but my guess was an adult he didn't get away from fast enough. As soon as he heals, you can put them back together. If he's in the cage in the coop, it will probably make intergration easier. Good luck!

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