Who said chickens are dumb?

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    Jan 1, 2008
    I have a leghorn who has been raising some Seramas. They are about 8 weeks now and the only other bird she lets near them is her 'sister' leghorn. Well today the mama leghorn was picking on the silkies because they were too close to her chicks in her view. The silkies are only about 10 weeks old. So I threw the mama out the door of the coop and then went to trying to catch the baby seramas to get them outside too. (Catching baby seramas is wild because they fly so much.) As I was catching them and releasing them outside, the mama leghorn was gabbing it up outside. Next thing I know, the 2 leghorns are at the door looking in the coop. Well, the mama didnt come in, but 'sent' her sister leghorn in the coop. The sister leghorn runs in and walks around among the silkies looking up and down and under the silkies, checking everywhere to make sure all the chicks were accounted for. This really cracked me up. I couldn't believe my eyes. [​IMG]
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    It is amazing how much actually goes on in that little brain.
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    Makes you wish you could talk chicken.

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