who says chickens can't fly??

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    not the greatest pic i've ever taken, but it was starting to get dark...

    I had a broody momma hatch out 9 very WILD babies... i sold the rest of her hatchmates yesterday (6 weeks old) but she got loose and after dark we gave up trying to find her. she's used to being outside and loose, but with her momma and sibs. so she was a bit lonely most of the day I think. but she came back today, so we tried to catch her again. RIIIIIIIIIGHT!

    the good news is, she is caught once again, and now happily in a babytub with some of my dorking chicks to get warm again. her first night ever INDOORS. LOL

  2. Chick15

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    Apr 21, 2011
    wow, I really didnt think that they could fly that high?!?!?! wow....
  3. centrarchid

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    Mine (American games) can get amoung the top branches of a large oak tree when startled and have a good 300+ feet of horizontal flight distance to make altitude. They can do straight vertical 20+ feet up to power line.

    When just piddling around they can fly horizontally pretty well as well. See following videos. They are hardly putting any effort into it.

    First video shows flight approaching 250 up a slight grade.

    Second shows a shorter flight of about 125 feet, also up grade. Flights near end of long video.
  4. Afterburner

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    My EE, when she was two months old, flew onto my grape trellis after I clipped her wings. That trellis is twelve feet tall. When I pulled back her wing to see if I missed some feathers, she had absolutely no secondary feathers on both wings, yet she insisted on camping in the trellis every night. After about a week, she started sleeping in the hen house. Now that she is two, she doesn't camp anymore, even though she takes the occasional daytime trip to inspect the trellis and pick off my grapes. I don't mind as long as I get those lovely green eggs.

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    I have an Icelandic that can fly like a pheasant, only more agile. She is amazing.
  6. I say Chickens can fly even Pekin bantams well more of a flutters but Sussex bantams are good to fly! Ive seen them!!! [​IMG]

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