Who ships pea chicks


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Apr 4, 2009
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Do you ship day olds or older birds? The reason I asked is we placed an order thru a breeder in Texas http://bowspeafowlfarm.com/home.html . I was expecting day olds and yesterday when they came they are more like month olds. Not that i'm complaining at all.
It has been rainy and cool here the last few days so I was worried about them shipping. How do you guys ship yours?



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Aug 24, 2008
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Steve, most peafowl breeders ship peachicks after they are a few weeks old.

I ship mine after they have a good start, main reason I dont ship day old , as you know they are a little harder to start than chicken chicks.

I would ship dayold peachicks to a person I know who has started peachicks before.

Min. amount most would ship on dayold are 8 peachicks, so they dont get chilled. You could ship them with other chicks in smaller amounts.

I know Leggs started shipping dayold peachicks last year, for the first time. He hatches thousand every year.

I sold most peachicks I hatched last year, most were 2 months old or older when I shipped them.

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