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  1. Do you ship day olds or older birds? The reason I asked is we placed an order thru a breeder in Texas http://bowspeafowlfarm.com/home.html . I was expecting day olds and yesterday when they came they are more like month olds. Not that i'm complaining at all. [​IMG] It has been rainy and cool here the last few days so I was worried about them shipping. How do you guys ship yours?

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    Steve, most peafowl breeders ship peachicks after they are a few weeks old.

    I ship mine after they have a good start, main reason I dont ship day old , as you know they are a little harder to start than chicken chicks.

    I would ship dayold peachicks to a person I know who has started peachicks before.

    Min. amount most would ship on dayold are 8 peachicks, so they dont get chilled. You could ship them with other chicks in smaller amounts.

    I know Leggs started shipping dayold peachicks last year, for the first time. He hatches thousand every year.

    I sold most peachicks I hatched last year, most were 2 months old or older when I shipped them.
  3. Quote:That makes sense thanks. We have alot to learn about pea's you are a big help thanks
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