who sold mutt eggs to me with one mystery egg?


10 Years
Apr 30, 2009
christiansburg, VA
i'm sorry, i cannot find the post and my memory is terrrrrible! i bough 12 eggs plus one mystery egg. i received 12 chicken eggs and a mystery egg. one chicken egg was clear at day 10. one quit around day 15-16 and one i tried to help, but died. so, out of 12 chicken eggs, i got 9 chicks! what a great hatch for my still air little giant! i am so thrilled!! anyway, i need to find the original post so i can try to figure out what chicks i may have hatched. the post had a list of the possible parents. i didn't reply in the post, i sent a pm to buy the eggs, so i cannot find it by searching for my posts. plus, i cleaned out my pm box....BTW...the mystery egg is still incubating. i was told it's a 28 day egg, so one more week for him and he's moving around everywhere in there! could be a goose, could be a duck, could be a turkey.....all i know is she/he said it would be good for thanksgiving. a ham is ruled out....

the chicks i got are:
2-light orangeish color
1-black with a white spot on it's head
3-greyish/black with orange cheeks and featherd feet
1-black with grey sides
2-whiteish with black a single black stripe on thrie heads
I don't know... but orange cheeks and feathered feet sounds adorable! congrats
Try searching for words or phrases that you remember being in the post by use the search button in the blue bar at the the top. You can set it to search only the hatching eggs forum.

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