Who Still has their Christmas tree up besides me?


13 Years
Jan 28, 2009
Cecil Co. MD - 5Yrs. Chickens 4Yrs. Ducks
Mine is still up ~ but I plan on taking it down in the next day or two. We only put it up about a week and a half before Christmas as we always get a real tree ~ Fraiser Fur. Once I take it down DH will drag it up into the woods as shelter for birds for the winter.
We still have ours up. I guess it's because I'm old. When I was a kid, people didn't start decorating for Christmas 2 months ahead of time and didn't take the tree down the day after. You didn't decorate until right before Christmas and left the tree up for a couple of weeks after. Of course, the stores didn't start their Christmas push before Halloween back then, either. I'm really dating myself, now!

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