Who wants some glass art?!?!?!?!?!?!?


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May 8, 2009
smithville tn
i am a glassblower here in Tennessee, anyone want to trade? i can make you anything..legal!!!.. out of glass, flowers paperwieghts, vases, bowls, goblets... you name it!!! i am looking for additions to my pen...tell me what you have...i love offers!!!!! a butchered chicken/turkey/duck is good with me too
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thanks guys
I dont know if you do it or not, But Ive always wanted a chicken stained glass thing. Something to hang in my window.
i can sculpt a chicken, i traded a lady bug once that looked really nice.....i can make stained glass but dont have the supplies, im more of a hot glass worker,
im into multiple trades, the art market is slow right now and i like things for my little farm...win win...
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That is so neat! All I have is some mutt hatching eggs...and some art of my own. I could draw you anything you want. But that's just about all I've got to offer

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