Who wants SQ Porcelain D'uccle eggs? "I do, i do!" 12++

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    Porcies on the move, lol

    My paypal address is: [email protected] Plese send payment as soon as possible for Wed ship date at latest but likely Tues afternoon.

    Up for auction are 12+ at least one or two show quality porcelain d'uccle eggs. These are from my two quads that have been shown and won something every time. The last show they were at Feb 5th, they won best of breed, best of variety and reserve best of variety. They are good birds with excellent beards and foot feathering including that elusive feathering on the middle toe which required in the standard and a nice lav pattern of speckling over the porcelain color. I have a waiting list for these eggs but most people want large quantities and not all my birds are laying right now so I need to get these eggs out now. Eggs will be no older than 3 days and I store them at a cool temp and turn them until shipping time. They are all show qual birds! I wish I could hatch them all but bators, brooders and grow out pens are full and my baby boy is arriving in 5 days or less lol. payment must be made via paypal ([email protected]) by wednesday morning 10am EST for wednesday day ship and tracking will be provided. I ship priority mail and pack very well. If you want a chance at high quality birds that meet the d'uccle standard, start here. If you have kids that would like to start showing or you are a beginner yourself, d'uccles are a great breed, they are docile, friendly and really like to be handled and petted and fed treats. The hens are super good layers and good setters and mothers. There's nothing cuter than pulling a double fuzzy faced, fuzzy legged and footed puffball out of your incubator! And when I say "plus" I mean plus, I"m getting eggs, eggs, eggs and gotta move em before this baby gets here so you WILL get extras!

    I also have white d'uccles, goldnecks and mille fleur if you'd like to mix and match some of the eggs as your extras. They too, are show quality I just don't have as many so they don't lay as fast so I'll include if you want and I have otherwise, it's majority porcies.
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