Who watched Stargate last night???


12 Years
Feb 6, 2007
OMG! I was so excited last night.
It was really good. Visual affects and story line was tiptop
I loved it and actually thought it was allot better then SG-1 & Atlantis
Yes yes I love those to. but gosh! just gosh

I think if they brought out the (sg1) show like that it would still be going.
I have to say though it isnt for the younger viewers. It does have a BSG esk to it

So what did you all like? didnt? whos your favorite character?

I liked Eli and Scott...
I am always for the geeks
I wanted to watch it but was stuck helping my hubby put in new plumbing. My son watched it (he is 17) and LOVED it - in fact got quite peeved when my hubby wanted some help from him. I have always loved the Stargate movie and original series although had not watched it in a while.

I'm guessing there will be an "encore" presentation today or this week I can watch.
Is there a new Stargate out? I haven't seen that series in a long time but I used to love it.
Yep - it is called Stargate Universe. The 2 hour premier was last night.

I looked - it encores tomorrow at 8 am central time on SyFy channel.
I watched it twice.

I hated the way they went back and forth on the time line.

I don't think it's going to make it. Too many characters.

Time will tell.

Oh yeah... and I wouldn't let my kids watch it.
If you hated it why did you watch it twice?

And there being tomany characters isnt really true. There is only 5 main charaters. The same as the other 2 sg shows.

Time line thing doesnt bother me. Although I rather it be in the interest of developing the charaters and seeing their past before they made it on to the ship

Yeah I don't think this one is very friendly family oriented.
But I agree I never really like that sort of stuff. They should really keep things pg 13

Oh Boy can't wait for it to be shown here! ... I have watched all the old series and Atlantis.... did not realise that they where making a new series... YAY!!!

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