Who watches, "I'm a celebrity, get me out of here!"?


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May 10, 2009
Morris, PA
I love this show!
I got a bit irritated with Spencer & Heidi though, I mean, in the beginning they kept the show good. Spencer was all dramatic, and Heidi was boohoo for everything. I couldn't help but laugh when in the beginning, they tried to escape like 3 times, and it shows them running across the rope bridge.

When they came back they were really annoying though, you could tell it was an act.

But this show is great! I loved last nights episode, with the tank that Sonjaya and Janice had to go into! And Jungle Joes Buffet!

Who else enjoys this show as much as I do?
My husband and I watch it. We find it HILARIOUS! "Spiedi" was SO annoying but that's what they are there for... much like Janice LOL

I found the line that Spencer said to be the funniest: "no one told us we would actually BE in the jungle, we thought we would go and sleep on the cots for a little while, make drama and go back to the hotel" or something to that effect. LMAO

Spoiled people make me laugh when they HAVE to do something or show their true selves... that's why they left. They came back because they knew they had MESSED up by leaving and their "fans" would talk bad about them not supporting their charity.
HAHAHAHAHA too funny!
I watched it the first week, and that was it. I never understood how spencer and heidi kept on about how they were huge celebraties, and everyone else were no bodies. All I could think was "Who are spencer and heidi?". I had no clue, and still have no clue who they are.
They're from MTV's "The Hills", its a reality show, I never watched it though, so I wonder if they were as annoying in that show as they are in this one. If they were, then I don't really get how people watched it. They're really whiney, but I like how Spencer had his attitude, although we all know it was all for good tv.

Like anyone cares about Patti Blagojevich's rantings or anything about her "trials" as a governor's wife LOL

Better yet... who gives a rat's bahooky about Janice Dickenson? like Joan rivers said "this face has seen more knives than a Bennihana"
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