Who will win the fight ?


6 Years
Aug 21, 2013
I have two spoiled pet chickens who live in a large parrot cage in my home. They free range outside during the day and come into there cage ever evening. One chicken is a bantem and the other one is a leghorn / rhode island red mix.The bantem sit on and raised the other one for me. The problem is now they have gotten older and started fighting. They get along well when they are outside, but when they come into there cage that is when the fight starts. It gets pretty bad sometimes between them. The little bantem seems to be whipping and getting the best of the big one , who is twice her size. The bantem is the aggressor, starter,and the finisher. I am afraid one is seriously going to hurt the other,and I'm pretty sure that it will be the big one who is going to get hurt. The little bantem just want give up and seems to be a prize fighter with feathers. I don't understand why this is happening. The little One is the big ones momma;& they have always got along great till now. Please help !! Should I separate them or just let them fight it out ?
Given the close quarters in the cage (they can't get away from one another) and the mess they must be creating in your home, I would separate them in the evening if they were mine.
One way chickens have learned to live as a flock is when there is conflict, the weaker runs away from the stronger. In your parrot cage, where are they going to run?

A mature chicken always outranks an immature chicken in the pecking order. It sounds like yours has weaned her chick so now she will treat it just like any other chicken. I imagine she is more mature than her chick. When the chick matures she may turn the tables on Mom and win those fights.

What often happens in a pecking order conflict is that one pecks or tries to intimidate the other when they come into close proximity, i.e., one invades the personal space of the other. If one runs away, the conflict is pretty much over, though there may be some chasing to drive the point home and make sure the lesson is learned. If one does not or cannot run away, it is seen as a challenge. The one winning does not know she has won so she keeps attacking.

They are just acting like chickens but in that cage they don’t have enough room to solve the problem the way chickens solve it. It’s quite possible she will kill her chick.
Thanks for all the good advice folks !! I separated them last night. The little bantem is still trying to get over the divider to get at the big one. They can still see each other. I put the big one in her very own nest box on her side of the cage. The little bantem went wild about that .She was trying every way in the world to get over the divider to inspect the other ones new nest. I guess the little bantem hens are as aggressive as the roosters. She is really sweet and affectionate to me though. I guess they can establish there pecking order between each other when they go outside. I hope they will become friends again and live in harmony and have the advantage of a bigger cage with no divider through the middle of it.
I gave my big young chicken ( Bittie) to my best friend who came up to see me from Tennessee. She has a beautiful prize winning Leg Horn rooster to keep her company on there farm. I know she will have a good life and a family who loves her. As far as my little momma bantem
Opps !! As far as my little momma bantem hen. I think she is a lot more happier now and doesn't seem to miss the other one at all. I will have to confess though I SURE DO MISS HER !!
Bittie is very happy at her new home and has started laying. FL the handsome Roo is her friend and protector. As far as Mrs.Chick she is her happy normal self. She has got the whole cage and two nests for herself.
Do most chickens totally quit laying in the winter time or just lay occasionally ? I have noticed I'm only getting maybe a egg a week or two weeks from Mrs. Chick my little bantem hen ?

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