Whoa, I'm Chicken Obsessed! Save me! This is insane!


Is Mostly Harmless
12 Years
Jul 16, 2009
I just realized my title says "Chicken Obsessed"! This is crazy, I only registered in July!
If anyone wants to congratulate me on being a chatterbox, go ahead! This is crazy!
At least the world isn't completely upside down, Debiraymond is still ahead!
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It's all downhill from here.....
on being Chicken Obsessed....
Oho, just wait... I'm a True BYC Addict... not too long until I graduate to a Flock Master, I think... (these GFM titles can be annoying when trying to figure out your rank...

Keep on posting, Kooshie! See if you can beat Debi!

ETA: this is a list I wrote up with a while ago that lists all the title changes.
Morph from 'New Egg' to 'Just Hatched': 25
from 'Just Hatched' to 'Out of The Brooder: 50
from 'Out of The Brooder' to 'Chillin' with my Peeps': 150
from 'Chillin' with my Peeps' to 'Overrun with Chickens': 500
from 'Overrun with Chickens' to 'Chicken Obsessed': 1000
from 'Chicken Obsessed' to 'True BYC Addict': 2460-2593
from 'True BYC Addict' to 'Flock Master': 4491-5395
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Hehe, try to stay ahead! I'm young and chatty! You'll get old and I'll still be pounding away at this poor keyboard! I'm still a bit shocked though!

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