Whole feet turned inwards... from the ankles

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    Feb 12, 2010
    Hi guys,

    I have had a bad hatch. Shipped eggs and by the looks of things, high humidity.

    Most chicks hatched with curled toes. After putting on chick booties for the past 2 days (taped feet) their toes have straightened out nicely!

    The problem is... I have one or 2 chicks that have one foot that is turned inwards... from the ankle. I've tried taping their feet in booties but it isn't helping the keep the ankle straight. The toes will all end up perfect... but the whole foot still rotates. They are tiny little bantams so it is VERY hard to do anything too intricate.

    You can see in this pic that I have managed to straighten the toes out. One foot has come up perfect but the other is turned inwards.


    (Excuse the blue food colouring..... It was only meant to be on it's head but it rubbed up against another chick!)

    Has anyone successfully splinted a chicks leg and managed to overcome a deformity like this? I'd like some suggestions on ways that I can get the whole foot straight again (keeping in mind these guys are TINY!)

    At the moment I am experimenting by taping some fine tie wire onto the leg and middle toe... and then putting on a tape boot but I don't think it is quite doing the trick. The toe is still managing to twist inwards.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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