Whole house emptied out....People are just low

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by wolftracks, Jun 30, 2011.

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    Nov 6, 2009
    OK, our huge family outing that I thought was around 45 was actually supposed to be 80 turned into a nightmare.

    I guess several people had problems getting to the Coliseum and my daughter ended up with 34 people total. All those extra tickets. This was planned since Christmas.

    I haven't seen my son since the last day of school, May 26th, since he's spending the summer in Union City with his grandmother and dad, but he made it to the game. I didn't. I decided since I still need things fixed on my car, I'd ride in with my oldest daughter and SIL and 4 of their kids. It was going great until we had just gotten over the Altamont and one of my grand daughters called. The oldest girls had walked to the bank. Gone about 30 minutes and the house got robbed. Flat screen, 2 XBoxes, Playstation, 4 laptops, jewelry boxes, autographed jerseys, just everything. We had just made it to Livermore when we heard, so complete turn around and back to Riverbank, to a trashed house and just everything gone!

    I'm just sick that they lost so much. Even the baby's christening necklace and her clothes! Her drawer were so full they could barely open them and were almost emptied outThe camera and video camera they got 3 years ago for their wedding. I'm sure there's more they haven't discovered yet. They 3 oldest all have jobs and never buy anything cheap. My oldest grandson was in the car with us when they were naming off things gone from his room. Big 20 year old had that face I used to see when he was 5 and I just felt so bad for him. He had just bought his XBox, because the lst one was stolen. They tore his room up. Second oldest grand daughter was asked how much of her jewelry was taken. ALL of it. One thing that was left behind and we don't know why was my oldest grand daughter's jewelry box. It was the first thing she checked. My husband bought it for her one weekend when she stayed with us. She saw it and fell in love with it, so he surprised her with it when we got to the car.

    They even took scrapebook supplies. Who robs a house and bothers with scrapebook junk? My mom's jewelry that she left to them is all gone. And it all happened between 3 and 5pm. Broad daylight.

    People just really make me sick sometimes.
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    Feb 2, 2011


    Thats horrible! Since the girls were home alone, did they call the police asap? Do they have insurance?

  3. wolftracks

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    Nov 6, 2009
    Quote:Yes they did and then my SIL called them back and had finger prints done. What a mess they left. Like they haven't had enough going on and now this.

    They have insurance, but it's not going to come close to paying for all the things lost and the worse is things are gone that can't be replaced.
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    Been there, done that, lived the nightmare.
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    Oct 13, 2010
    I am so sorry!

    I have to wonder if some one posted on FB that everyone was leaving for the game and a "friend" or relative came and helped themselves.

    I visited my cousin once and while we were gone, her brother in law broke in and stole a ton of things from her husband. Who was hopping MAD at her until he discovered the things stolen were hidden where only a family member would know to look for them.
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    I'm so sorry![​IMG]
    that makes me so mad:rant. What is wrong with people!!!??[​IMG]. Don't they have a concious?
    I would wonder also if stuff was posted on FB? I never post wether I'll be home or not, especially if I'm going on a trip, I've learned there aren't many people I can trust. Which is very sad [​IMG]

    I hope they get whoever did it and I hope you get at least some of your stff
    back. [​IMG][​IMG]
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    Nov 6, 2009
    Ya know we also met my SIL at a local mall what has a park and ride spot. He parked his car there and we all took my daughter's Tahoe for our quick round trip ride. Him and my oldest grand daughter went to pick it up after they dropped me off last night. This car is usually in the garage and babied. Never had a scratch on it and my daughter asked him if he felt safe leaving it. It was away from any other cars. It's really pretty. 2006 Charger that they usually only used to visit his parents in Southern Cal. He went out to open the gargae door this morning and noticed someone had hit it. Not with a car, but something the way it was broken, but they smashed in the tail light and turn light. He's worked with a lot of theft cases at work and does all the dealings with the police, so he said "just one more insurance form to fill in, that's why we pay for it."

    FB was one of the things my grandson and daughter brought up. The girls were supposed to go with us and changed their minds. Went to the bank and my oldest grand daughter's BF called her and asked where she was. Met them at the bank and then said that his friend just called and had been jumped.

    Well seems that the cop that showed up has arrested the boyfriend for burglery, auto theft, and gang activity along with a weapon, so now she's upset saying he would do that and he doedn't do those things and the rest of them mad at her for not finding out about him better in the first place. This is the only one of her boyfriends I have really liked. Go figure.

    Anyway, SIL has been trying to keep the peace in the house and collecting all the inventory information and dealing with the police. He said he's not letting anyone confront anyone outside about the things and just let the police do their jobs. Things can be replaced, but sentimental things will never be able to be replaced.

    Two teenaged girls saw a guy pull into the drive, come back out of the house through the garage and load the truck and leave. They said the truck was either green or black and had a dent on the side. Didn't bother to call anyone, but they watched the whole thing. They only saw one big guy. Grand daughter's BF is a little guy, but has lots of friends. This guy grabbed everything in about 20 minutes. I mean even my little grand daughter's baby clothes. What a scum.

    And this trip has been planned since Christmas, so it was known by psome people. I'm the only other family out here and everyone is more backup for eachother, so not family.

    Even my daughter's ex husband is furious. He wasn't to hunt the boyfriend down. Guess we'll know for sure if he stops calling my grand daughter.

    Yesterday was supposed to be great. Lots of friends and family and a special thing for my mom who was a huge A's fan.
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    Mar 3, 2011
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    People can be such dirt bags! [​IMG] I hope at least SOME of their stuff can be located and returned.

    I never post when I'm going to be gone. Just post where I've been after I'm back home. I have friends that post all the time about plans to go here and there. I tell them all the time the may as well hang a "vacant~~rob me" sign on their door.
  9. lockedhearts

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    Apr 29, 2007
    Most robberies are by people that "know" you..... it is sad, I was robbed once, it was the neighbors kid and some of his friends, they were also in a gang. This was in the early 90's when I moved to CA.

    Sorry this happened, hopefully the items can be recovered.
  10. Sierra pachie bars

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    Nov 8, 2008
    Sorry that happens [​IMG] I am after my day lost so much respect for human beings. Humans can be so thoughtless and mean. And most people wonder why I love animals so much. Animals are way better people if you get my drift. Lol
    I hope they find who did the robbery and hope they get their items replaced. Thats just awful.

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