Whoop! 33 of 39 developing, most were shipped!


10 Years
Aug 2, 2009
North Carolina
It's been 6 days and I candled (yeah, yeah, over-anxious, I know) and out of 34 shipped eggs 28 were developing nicely. All five of mine are looking great, too.

One of the sets of shipped eggs was 100% fertile. I marked that source as a favorite seller, her packing was perfect, too.

I was so excited I had to share.
I know exactly how you feel, this is worse than being pregnant.

I just wish I had a light colored egg in there so I would have enough good vein detail to show the kids!
"See that, sweetie?!"
"See what, Mommy?"
""If you look really, really close you can kinda faintly almost see a dark blob with some little things around it like a spider's web."
"A spider?!?!?! Where?! In the egg???"

There is just no predicting kids. On my last hatch, I drove over to my sisters in a frenzy to pick up my 4yr old nephew so he could see a chick hatch. He did watch, mainly because I was so excited. As soon as it emerged he said ....
"OK, can we go play with trains now?"
Boys. >.<

My oldest boy isn't quite 2 and a half, so I think he'll be into it. I got my present flock as day old chicks when he was 10 months old, and he sure did get excited about them, then! He would pull up on the side of the box, look in, and squeal with excitement. He loved it when a couple of the hens went broody last summer and produced some little fuzzy butts.
This is him very gently petting one of them..
They're Bev Davis line Black Copper Marans, and the seller/breeder is lowlight3.

Very dark, uniform eggs; no speckling. I'm really impressed with the quality, I can't wait to see what the hatch rate ends up being. I purchased from two other sellers at the same time and they both had some breakage and infertility.

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