Whoops...Made my Dominique go broody...in October!? Help! First time!

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    So, I closed the door to the hen house one night this week which I don't always do and FORGOT TO OPEN IT the next morning... came out the morning after that and realized they were still in there (poor girls!) . Well, they all pile out, then I gather the eggs and feel that they are warm so a chicken must have been sitting on them but I didn't think anything of it. Came home that evening, still sitting on them. Now three or 4 days later they are still sitting on them. So, I have a broody hen in EACH of my two nest boxes now!! [​IMG] I'm excited, but don't really know how to deal with them. [​IMG] I have a 4x8 side run (not connect to main coop) with a nest box (nest box only a few inches off the ground) so I thought I might move one there and I built most of an A frame brooder coop like you see on mypetchicken.com for $99 and thought I might put the other in there. Would it be alright to move them even though they have been on the nest a few days? How exactly do I move them? Pick them up, set them on the other nest, then move the eggs from the first nest and put it under them in the new nest? I guess do it at dark, too, right? I live in TN so the winters are mild, think the chicks will be alright? Also, those eggs that I gathered and put in the fridge, for a day or two, once I realize they were broody and sitting on 1 egg apiece, I put those eggs back underneath them. Not expecting much, but you know. Any suggestions on how to move the broody would be appreciated! Thanks!!
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