Whoot! Look what I found this morning!Pic


12 Years
Nov 3, 2007
podunk... I mean Wabash, IN
I was waiting impatiently for my Scovie girls to start laying.
I was checking every day all around the area I thought they might lay and was sure Beth should be laying by now.
I needed to refill the oyster shell container so pulled the bin out fm under the shelf and low and behold . . tah dah!!!!

Beth has been laying her eggs behind the oyster shell bin with only a 4X4 between her eggs and the feed bin which gets moved Every Day!
I am surprised I didn't squash any. Silly girl! The 6th egg was layed about 1 foot fm the others so I suspect that may be Charlotts first egg. Both those girls have been begging for snacks like crazy for the last few days and now I know why.
We will eat these first eggs & check for fertility then let them build a clutch up to hatch out some baby Scovies. I am soooo pumped!
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