Who's afraid of the big rooster?--Post yours!

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    Jun 8, 2008
    NE Michigan
    A few days ago, DD and I let the chickens out to free range in the yard. While they were out, the guy from Consumer's Power pulled in to check the meter. My dog ran up barking and I called her off, but he still didn''t get out of the car.

    "You can come out, I've got the dog."

    "It's not the dog I'm worried about," he said. "She's been out before when I've come up, but the rooster's never been out before." He indicated our LF partridge cochin rooster who was strutting around. "He's the biggest rooster I've ever seen."

    "Listen, my 5 yr old daughter is out here. If he was aggressive, he wouldn't be out."

    So he got out of the car and went to go read the meter. Fred, the rooster, just regarded him and didn't do anything. The Consumer's guy said that a woman in the next township who lets her critters free range has a rooster that goes after him and since Fred is twice the size of that rooster, he was afraid that Fred might do some damage.

    "Naw, he's too lazy. He doesn't even get up to crow until 8:45 in the morning!"

    Let's hear other stories of people afraid of your big roosters
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    Mar 3, 2009
    Oh yeah the mail lady refused to deliver my last batch of eggs when she noticed my lil Showgirl Roo (Cotton) ... She called me at work and told me the eggs where there and said that until I lock up that "Freaky looking thing" she wasnt getting out of her car... LOL .. She truly didnt even know it was a chicken .. [​IMG]
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    When my geese showed up, three years ago, the UPS man told me he would no longer be delivering inside the gate. (I would open the gate, UPS would back into the driveway and driver would get out visit and unload my boxes)

    I told him that was fine, I can bring my quad or wheelbarrow to the gate, but I did ask WHY - has there been a change in UPS policy?

    NO he said - you now have those things - he pointed out the window at the geese. [​IMG]
  4. darkmatter

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    Jul 10, 2009
    I had first gotten chickens when my Kids were little; we had both Barred Rock and Rhode Island Reds. We kept a large RIR Rooster that was nice to the hens and didn't bother us much. (A swift kick up the side of the head deferred him from me and the Missus) However------------- the kids learned to approach the rooster kick out at him, then turn and run. This was irresistible to the Roo and he would chase them. What, may you ask, was the purpose of this? Well, it seems that when the city cousins came for a visit, my kids would take them down to "See the Chickens" do the kick thing and turn to run, my kids knew they could outrun the Rooster, the city cousins would scream in terror shrieking all the way back to the house while my kids were falling down with laughter.
  5. CoopCrazy

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    Mar 3, 2009
    Quote:LOL// My youngest does this as well.. he love to get the showgirl after his cousins...
  6. Quote:yeah, the meter reader from the power company just happened to show up exactly when i was free ranging my newly purchased, fully grown geese for the very first time. the meter is right next to their pen. he just sauntered up to the meter and then turned and made a run for it when Ricky, my tufted Roman gander, went after him, wings out and honking like there was no tomorrow. the guy called later to say he would inform us before he came out again so we could lock "those birds" away. [​IMG]

    my big Brahma roo Ernest does not like strangers. he's perfectly fine once he gets to know you, but strangers are not allowed in HIS home. he chased my little cousin around the pen for a full 5 mins before the kid was smart enough to just go through the gate... i was laughing WAY to hard to intervene.

    but the very best is my TINY little Silkie roo, Hansel. he is the most affection hungry little bird. he's learned that if he comes and chest bumps my leg that i'll pick him up and snuggle him. bad habit i've encouraged, cause now he chest bumps everyone and it seriously freaks people out. especially since his head feathers are all crazy (it looks like Einstein hair) and his tail is tipped to one side. he looks seriously deranged!

    how could anyone be afraid of this? (forgive the diaper, this was when he was in the house after picking a fight with Ernest... who's about 4x Hansel's size)
  7. Cetawin

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    Mar 20, 2008
    NW Kentucky
    My big boy, Thor. Beats up dogs. LOL Not human aggressive at all but man a dog is gonna get it. LOL


  8. FluffyColor

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    May 31, 2009
    Queens, NY
    Mom: "How's Fred and Henry?"
    Me: "That's Florence and Henry, and they're doing good."
    Dad:"Zeke is down here!!!!!" (my brother)
    Mom: "Get him away!! He'll be attacked by the roosters!"
    Me: "For the last time, that's rooster, and they're 4 day olds!!! How could they attack him?!?!!? They can't get out of the brooder!"
    Dad:"Ouch! Fred pecked me!"
    Me: "Flor-ence!"
    Mom:"Get him away!"
    Me:*long sigh* "It's a hard life when you were born to city slickers......."

    Someone give me advice on convincing your city girl mom that your hen is a hen...maybe put an egg under her? [​IMG]
  9. theoldchick

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    May 11, 2010
    Two years ago I was invited to a wedding out in the country. Since I rarely get invited anywhere I was real excited to be included in this event. Just to be on the safe side, because little old ladies and electronic devices do not get along, I decided to check out the directions a day ahead of the wedding. Of course I got lost but I was so engrossed with the beautiful countryside I decided to enjoy my ride. I went down a nice paved drive to see if I had found the place. In the perfectly groomed 5 acre front yard were 10 of the biggest roosters I had ever seen. They had black necks and smooth gray bodies. I have no idea what breed they were.

    I wasn't sure if I wanted to get out of my jeep but I did so with hand on the door just in case. Standing 3 feet tall over lush green grass these roosters look like feathered gargoyles. Massive red combs turned a bright shade of red as they studied me. Neck feathers rose as they clucked among each other. 4 inch waddles swung back and forth as the conversation grew excited. Several pecked at the grass and displayed a morsel to me. A few crowed a wonderful warble with heads stretching to an even more impressive height.

    I knew one thing. I was not about to leave my jeep. Thank God I had a winch on that vehicle because if those roosters attacked I'd have to swing from a tree to escape. A couple flapped their wings to display a wing spread of incredible length. I decided to try a peace offering. Slowly I reached inside the jeep and pulled out a pack of crackers.

    The roosters heard the crackle of the plastic wrap and began cackling with excitement. Like a football team they came at a run. Massive bodies going side to side as waddles flapped back and forth. Giant feet pounding the grass as necks stretched forward like thoroughbreds at a race track. I crushed the crackers and tossed the crumbles in the grass. Oh! The excitement! Oh! How they talked amongst themselves as they devoured the treat. I've got the best crumb over here! No! I do! Look! Everybody look at my crumb! Too late! I ate it. Here's another! Even better! Look! Look!

    I climbed back in the jeep and watched them enjoy me peace offering. I back up before they thought of jumping on the hood and hold me ransom for more crackers. An exciting day for all of us.
  10. Quote:a nice pink bow perhaps? [​IMG]

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