who's doing their oen taxes?

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  1. LegginMF12

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    May 2, 2011
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    I am doing my own this year. I went to H&R Block and they wanted........... You might want to be sitting for this
    $279 for form 1040
    $68 for schedule A
    $68 for schedule C
    $68 for another schedule, I forget the number
    $99 for form 540
    $68 for schedule something
    $68 for schedule something
    $35 for the rapid refund thing so they can take their fees from my refund
    That is a grand total of $617. I did my Federal today and will work on state tomorrow.
    I am also going to do the efile without actually submitting it just to double check mine. ( unless their refund amount is higher than mine)

  2. I already did mine, and filed them electronically. I'm waiting for my direct deposit, which should be sometime next week, if all goes well. I would have had it done even sooner, except I was waiting on a form from my school, and that didn't arrive until last week. My jobs from 2011 sent their forms in mid-January, so I was sitting here waiting for that last piece to come in the mail.

    Oh, and I used TurboTax. I bought the program that is a step above basic for $65, and I'm happy with what I'm getting back (I enter "0 dependents" on my W2, and I'm a student).

  3. Mattemma

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    Aug 12, 2009
    Dh did it when he was home last time.He has been doing it on his own since hewitt whatever charged about $260 a few years ago.Shameful how much they charged for a SIMPLE filing.
  4. swampcat

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    Apr 18, 2011
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    I've done ours (1 income, filing jointly, 2 kids) for years and years. We make under the amount for the free e-filing. I think it's fun :lol: But then again, ours are easypeasy.

  5. Regarding fees for having someone else prepare your taxes -- when I used to go to a firm, I was charged a fixed percentage of my return. So the more I got, the more it cost. After I moved to Buffalo, I started doing it with TurboTax. I don't get QUITE the same amount (which makes me think there was some "creative" accounting going on by that firm, so as to increase their "take" from processing my tax returns), the difference between the amount of my refund and the price of the program is about the same as the amount of my return in years past and the fee the firm charged. And since it's the difference that I keep, I go with the computer program over making an appointment with someone, because TurboTax lets me do them on my couch in my pajamas.

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  6. conny63malies

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    I do ours every year. We just got the money this morning. So i am off to spend some money now!!!!
  7. kuntrygirl

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    Feb 20, 2008
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    I am. I have been doing my own taxes since my first real job in college.

  8. aoxa

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    I do mine, as well as 250 others every year :p

    I am not looking forward to tax season. I need a vacation just thinking about it.

    ETA: many accounting firms DO NOT charge you the percentage of your return. That is H&R Block scheming you. Don't expect good things from large corporations.
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  9. I don't envy you.

    And I didn't go to H&R Block. I used to to to R&G Brenner, because one of the accountants was a regular at the restaurant where I worked. He amassed quite a client base that way.


  10. EweSheep

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    For four years, at least, we have been going to H&R, and the more we made, the more we were charged. Last one cost us over $350 just to file a simple Sch A filing and they use Turbo Tax for their e-files. Why hard earned money when it only took them 30 minutes of their time???? Enough is enough, I can spend that $350 for something else like my daughter's private school tution!

    Last year, I decided to give Turbo Tax a try. At first it was a headache because I was such a dummy figureing it out for property taxes, getting dd's SSN right, etc. and sometimes it didn't add up with H&R Turbo Tax filings that I had to ask a BYCer about it and she helped me get thru it. I am so gratful for her help.

    This year, EASY PEASY! No problems at all, added one more item for the employer and on their 1099 form, they didn't have on the line 20 of the code, either it was KC or SL so I just use the KC because I know where all of or most of the IL files go to, is KC. (I used to work for the IRS distribution center, it was FUN doing order fifullments).

    You bet I will be doing Turbo Tax next year. It was so easy for me this year because all I have to do is to transfer all the employer, same SSN, same employer number without having to type it all in. Did the federal and state taxes.
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