Who's gonna be father if few roosters mate one hen.

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    Simple as that.
    If 4 roosters mate one hen, then in every egg there is gonna be mix from all 4 roosters, or each egg is fertilized from single one?
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    Single roo per egg.
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    Hens store sperm for up to 3 weeks after a successful mating and fertilise the egg yolks as they reach maturity and gets released at the start of the egg formation process. If a different cockerel services the hen a week after the previous mating, the fresh sperm will "replace" the older stored. If different cockerels service the hen daily, it's roll of the dice who's sperm is going to be used. I had a hen years ago who used to wander a bit and she once hatched a clutch of chicks with fathers from both my flock and the one across the road. The eggs were laid over a 14-day period. Hope this helps :)
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    Oct 7, 2014
    Aha. Thanks. I just wonder, I thought it should be logical if 1 rooster per egg. Cuz, guess then how great it would be to put few breeds in one.
    I have 3 or more roosters who mate same hens, one of the roosters ar pure breed, and im gonna buy a same pure breed hens, so Im gonna have a chance Im gonna get pure breed offspring besides that the breed hen is going to get mate by few other roosters.
    Yes. Im gonna settle my breed rooster is going to be main mate then.
  5. Barnyard mixes are the result of "catch as catch can" matings of various and sundry cocks and hens in the barnyard. That's why the expression barnyard mix was coined, I suppose.

    If you want to intentionally mate birds you've got to pen them, the male with the females you want, in a separate pen. Keep this breeding group penned up and wait two to three weeks before collecting eggs for incubating.

    If you rush this period, you'll mostly get what you want, but some of the chicks inevitably look like a traveling salesman was coming through. These would be chicks sired by a mating that still was "working" prior to you penning up your breeding group.

    Have fun and good luck.
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    Oct 7, 2014
    Im lookin for seperation. But as I dont have incubators and I trust only and I want only naturaly inucbated chickens and chickens with mother for first two months, Im gonna put eggs under when I can. After hen go broody, she can sit for a while i guess, if got a food, so Im gonna have a week to seperate breed till that moment.
    + I have nothing about all rooster offsprings in hatch, would love to get at least 2-3 chickens from breed rooster from 12 eggs I would put under.

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