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    [​IMG]I have four pullets 6 1/2 months old. I have a Salmon Favorelle, a Rose Comb Leghorn, an Arucana and what I think is an Australorp. This morning I found a tinted egg in the nest. Two hours later, there were two white eggs in the nesting box. Could the Australorp be a Minorca. What age do they get their white spot on their head?? It doesn't have one yet, but the comb and wattles look too big for a Australorp hen. It hasn't crowed or showed any aggressiveness, so I don't think it's a rooster. I have found green tinted eggs, white eggs and occassionally an egg that looks faintly tan. Any ideas??
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    green egg=americauna/ee
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    Well, leghorn's lay white eggs. Australorp would lay a tan colored egg. Not sure about the favorelle.

    It's my understanding with Araucana's that they only lay blue eggs. EE lay green eggs.
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    the link on MPC on eggs laid by breed - the leghorn should be white eggs, the Araucana is the tinted blue, but I have heard of them laying tinted green (so my great-grandma would say.)

    Australorp - brown

    I don't know about the spot on the head, or anything like that. But the egg list should help! [​IMG]

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