Who's My Rooster's Baby Daddy?!

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by Lizardlicks, Jan 28, 2017.

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    I have what I think is the most beautiful rooster. When I got Zebanon from our local feed store he was just a tiny little 8 week old guy still growing in his wattles. They got him from another local lady who said his mom was a silver laced Wyandotte, but she didn't know which one of her roosters was the dad. He's turned into a huge, lovely boy who's gentle with his ladies, watchful, a little stand-offish to petting, but otherwise a perfect gentleman. He's BIG too, a hefty, solid bird, with this amazing tail. Now i'm really starting to wonder, what other breed helped contribute to making him the gorgeous creature he is today?


    He might not be purebred, but he is, dare I say, the perfect, picturesque rooster that most would be jealous to have strutting around their barnyard. The biggest clues I have to his parentage are his tall, elegantly curving tail, a rusty red color on his wing coverts and saddle feathers, and and orange-red tint to his leg scales. My best guess: maybe a Welsummer?

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    My first thought is, Daddy had some slw in him also.

    Here's why---if you cross a laced bird like a slw with a non laced bird, you usually don't get that much lacing in the offspring. He's got a nice, decent amount, not something I've seen a lot in an F1 cross. Not saying it can't happen, but the lacing genetics are so complex, and a good amount are recessive from what I understand, so the genes have to line up just right when you mix breeds.

    His shape doesn't really look like a Wyandotte, though, he's very upright built. and I can't tell, is his comb straight? Just smallish?

    the red leakage does say something red/gold based is in the pool. Yellow legged and probably straight combed. Other than that, hard to narrow down, really.
  3. Lizardlicks

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    Jul 9, 2016
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    I was thinking the same thing about the lacing. Figured that a solid red bird would have overrode the pattern entirely. He's got a standard rose comb as far as I can tell.


    Here's a better pic of his wing coverts. Looking at it close, it seems that the lacing pattern is maintained but the red fills in where the silver should be.

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    I agree, he's mostly a Silver Laced Wyandotte mix.

    There may be some Gold Laced Wyandotte in there too, bringing in the gold in a lace pattern, but also something else as his body shape is not very Wyanodtte with that really tall tail set,

    And comb is not a tight Wyandotte rose...it shows modification as well (although single comb is a default throw back in Wyandottes)....looks like an amplified rose to me, which you can get when you breed a single comb to a rose comb as rose is dominant but can get a boost from a tall single comb.

    My double laced Barnevelder rooster (actually roosters are single laced and hens double laced) over a Silver Laced Wyandotte might produce something similar if that generation were bred back to another SLW.

    Hard to know what they secondary influences might be.

    Pretty boy, enjoy him.

  7. Lizardlicks

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    Jul 9, 2016
    Spokane, WA
    I very much do!

    It will be interesting to see what his offspring turn out like, especially since I have a nice slw girl. I'm hoping one of the girls will go broody this year so I can test if they're any good at being mommas with some of my mixed eggs before spending any money on hatching eggs or an incubator.

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