Who's smarter the chickens or the keeper?

AK Michelle

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Mar 17, 2009
Palmer, Alaska
We are having high winds today, gusting to 40 or 50 mph and they'll crank up to the 80 mph range later this evening.

So, as any good chicken keeper would do I left the door closed, you see we have a man door on th coop that I leave open during the day and I have not installed the pop-up door yet (and may not till spring)

So, today I get home and go to check the chickens knowing I will have eggs to collect. Ususally, on bad weather days, I crack the door just enough to slip in, latch the door, collect the eggs, pet the hens and say hi to everyone before slipping back out and locking the door securely.

My hens are young and several of them lay their eggs on the floor of the coop. Whether accidently or on purpose I'm not sure, but the hens had rolled the eggs up against the door so they rolled out onto the ground as I opened the door. The diversion caused me to open the door wider allowing several to fly over and around me out into their run.

I did manage to keep most of them inside. And 2 of the flyers got tumbled by the wind and unded up looking more than just a little dazed and confused as they ran back to the door in a slight zigzag pattern.

Since the girls always lay their eggs in the back of the coop I've never had eggs at the door before which leads me to wonder...
That's funny. It really makes you wonder if that's really what they had planned. But you got the last laugh after the wind got them.
They are going to lay the eggs where it seems the safest. If you have detachable nest boxes the wind may have been bouncing them, thus sending the hens looking for a quieter place to lay their eggs.
I think a chicken cam might be a good idea.
That way you really will know what they are up to. It's better to be two steps ahead of them. Next time you might get a shovel up side the head. It's better to be ready for it.

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