who's the baby's daddy?


10 Years
Mar 23, 2009
central ny

mama call duck

And dad is a white call duck

Now we had babies hatch in the bator(mom came up missing?) My camera broke so I cant take pics of the babies..Some are def. plain white but the others look grey and white...almost like a silver color..

The kicker is I had a pair of wood ducks housed with them, and never saw the wood duck mate with the my call, but the babies def. have no black in them..

Any idea as to who's the baby daddy? LOL
My guess would be that one (or both) parents are hiding a dilute gene, maybe the hen since the babies are grey and white and she's spotted herself...?

Did you hatch the hen from your own stock or buy her from a private breeder or hatchery?
The gray color is probably blue - IcarusSomnio is probably right that one of them is hiding a dilution gene. If some of the ducklings came out plain White, then she's obviously carrying a White gene (it's my understanding that to be solid white, the ducklings need a copy of the gene from both parents), so it stands to reason that she's a treasure trove of hidden genes!
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We got our three calls off a guy who only has two ducks. A white poppa and a black momma with a bit of white on her. We got one white one, one black and white on and one grey (blue) one. Lemmie put a picture in and see if it's similar to your little guys!



Does this help?

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