Who's the dad?


13 Years
Apr 13, 2010
We hatched this gal in my son's classroom last spring.


The lady that gave us the eggs said that the chicks were Araucanas. As our gal grew, it was looking more and more like she wasn't a true Araucana.


When I questioned the lady, she said that she has 2 Aracauna roosters, 1 RIR hen and 1 Barred Rock hen.

Potential dad #1

Potential dad #2

I have no pics of the hens.

So...here's our gal at 27 weeks. She lays medium-colored brown eggs.

SO...best guesses on the dad and what breed we really have?

Easter Egger?...such a generic term. LOL

Roo #1 doesn't look like an Easter Egger.... Looks like a Salmon Fav or a Silver duckwing mix of some sort.

Roo #2 is an EE and I think he is the father to your hen with the RIR hen. (Because of her comb and her green legs.) Nice barnyard mix.
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I have to agree that the first boy is not an EE. The second is and I think he and the RIR are the father of your girl. I base this decision solely on her having the green legs. IF the lady only had RIR and BR hens.
Given the fact that your little hen has, what appears to be, a pea comb and green legs, I would say potential dad #2 is your winner. He, as others have said, is an EE not an Araucana. Potential dad #1 is, again as others have said, neither an EE nor an Araucana but he is a pretty mixed breed. I would also have to agree, given her coloring, that the mother is a RIR. Enjoy her.

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