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  1. yes, the chicks without feathered leggs are ALL pure breed Ameraucanas.

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  2. no, Blue Splash Marans EE chicks and Cuckoo Marans EE chicks can have non-feathered legs.

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  1. Hello!!! [​IMG]

    A friend of mine gave me 16 chicks. They're 2 weeks old . All of the chicks have the same father and different mothers.

    possible breed combinations:

    (a) Ameraucana roo X Blue Splash Marans hen
    (b) Ameraucana roo X Cuckoo Marans
    (c) Ameraucana roo X Ameraucana hen

    How do I know which chick comes from which mother? Can you guys help me figure if out? Thanks!!

    GROUP 1 - All have feather feet

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    GROUP 2 - gray/silver. yellow-legged is bigger than ALL other chicks, legs non-feathered


    GROUP 3 - cream/white, legs non-feathered


    GROUP 4 - three Ameraucana for sure, plus one unknown VERY light gray, legs non-feathered

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  2. what breeds??
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    I'll take a stab at this- not an expert, but I know a bit:

    The feather foots likely have maran mothers, as that breed can have feathered feet, but Ameraucanas do not.

    Spalsh roo x blue barred maran hen = Half splash chicks, half blue chicks, males barred, females not barred, may have feather feet
    Spalsh roo x Cuckoo maran hen = All blue chicks, where the boys are barred and the girls are not, may have feather feet

    For Ameraucana crosses, it would depend on the hen- could be a variety of colors, but won't have feathered feet. No matter what you should be seeing some really pretty eggs out of the girls in this bunch when they get older!
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  4. Thank you ChickenHermit for your reply.
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