Who's the roo?


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Nov 17, 2015
These two are both bantams, so are mini. They live peacefully in the coop together but once I let them out to free range they do an equal amount of chest bumping and hackle feather raising. I'm 90% sure the white one is a roo but he's so little and funny I've let him stay. Fingers crossed that the silky is female but they seem to be equally interested in a duel. Could they both be Roos or might I have a hen? They are both somewhere in the 12-16week range I think. Got them from a children's farm closing for the season.


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Jul 24, 2013
The photo is a little far away so I can't be sure, but I'm not seeing any definite rooster traits. The comb on the D'Uccle in the back isn't too red for it to be a 16 week old pullet. The Silkie doesn't have the larger comb and wattles that many male Silkies (at least the unbearded ones) have at this age. However, Silkies are very hard to sex, even when they are older like this. Could you post a close up photo of the D'Uccle, specifically the feathers near the tail? I can't tell from this distance whether there are any pointy saddle feathers coming in, or any pointy neck feathers.

Pullets (females) do engage in chest bumping and sparring, so that behavior might not be unusual. I haven't seen pullets really flare their hackle feathers before, however, but I suppose it is possible.

If I was to guess that one was a rooster, I'd pick the D'Uccle but neither one is screaming rooster at me.

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