Why am I so worried?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Chicken0Boy, May 17, 2010.

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    Every since I got my baby chicks (2 days ago) I have been worried sick! There waterer always has a big circle of water around it...should I be worried? I am also worried they will hate me......and that i am doing something wrong? The temp is right and the have dumor chick starter. Please tell me if i am doing something wrong, or something I could do better.
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    May 12, 2009
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    they seem to be afraid of us till about 3-4 weeks then they settle down.. just handle them alot and talk chickie talk and they come around with time.. the more your with them the faster they get to know you. gl and enjoy your babies. this is 4 1/2 wks and they still run but a couple are settling down

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    [​IMG] from Ohio!

    Hey chicken Oboy, What kind of chicks do you have? ~ what breed?

    The only thing I think you SHOULD do is relax, and play with those little fluffy-butts:gig Build them a gym, with stuff to climb up on or walk around. grab some empty paper roll tubes, TP tubes make great tunnels for tiny peeps to investigate. If you get creative, you can stack some together for your chick's climbing adventures. Grab a fallen tree branch, they might like that. Popsicle sticks & some ELMER'S glue, you can build a chick ladder. Any empty box from your pantry could be another piece of your chick's "gym".

    Go ahead, grab some stuff,(AKA: trash) and get to assembling your personal chicken gym.. . . you'll be too busy to be worried![​IMG] GOOD LUCK & CONGRATS on your new chicks:yiipchick!
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    I always get my chicks used to my hands by placing my hand palm facing up on the floor in front of them in thier brooder. Inevitably one will come and jump on my hand. You can put a little bit of food in there to further tempt them. I do not move my hand, I just let them explore and usually more will come up to me once they see nothing horrid is happening to the other ones.

    Do this a few times a day and within several days you can start slowly lifting your hand up a few inches with the little chick in there. They like to play this game because lots of birds naturally like to be up higher than the other birds. My dd calls this game "Big Birdy" lol. Okay so once these chicks become familiar with your hands and they find they like to be up higher than the other birds , the other chicks get jealous and will all start fighting over who gets to be the 'Big Birdy' lol. Just don't lift up your hand too high so they won't fall and get hurt. After that it is a peice of cake to get them cuddly etc. since they now trust you. All sounds dumb and simple but it works. I have over 60 chickens [​IMG]
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    Thanks you guys i am settled down now. I just get so overwhelmed..they make a huge mess.

    I got silkies, cochins, frizzles, and ees!
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    To answer your question, you are worried because you care. Its OK, I felt just like you only a week ago! I'm enjoying my babies so much; give it a week and you will be too!
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    Apr 26, 2010
    I am with you! I just posted about being worried about them all the time. I think for me this will be a lesson in learning to go with the flow! I have 3 one week old babies!
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    Quote:lucky you I have 25!
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    Don't let worry spoil your fun. Chickens are actually very hardy little critters and, yes, messy [​IMG]

    I see that you have two heat lamps in your brooder. Do you have a thermometer in there too? While you want to make sure that they are warm enough, you also want to make sure that they have someplace in the brooder that is cooler so they can go there if they get overheated. Put your waterer up on something to help keep them from pooping in it or kicking shavings in it. I used a plastic container like you pack a sandwich in for your lunchbox. That only raised it up about an inch and a half, so they could still get a drink without strain. Some will try to scratch food out of the holes on the feeder. Some will flick it out with their beaks. If there's a lot of food being wasted, take the feeder out until they eat some of that food off the floor. One bit of advice on feeding "treats" - too many newbies get into trouble with the fuzzy butts by introducing treats and grit too soon. Don't rush it. If you want to give them a treat, I suggest mixing some of their chick crumbles with some warm water to soften it and then add a couple of tablespoons of plain yogurt. Or, scramble or boil a couple of eggs, mash them up fine, and give that in a small bowl or saucer. They do not need grit with either of these treats and you won't be taking chances with these causing pasty butt or diarrhea. I wait until the babies are at least 3 weeks old to experiment with fruits and vegetables. When I start those things, I give a very small amount at first to make sure they can handle it okay. I also sprinkle chick grit (granite) on top to make sure every chick gets some grit with the food.

    As far as your chicks learning not to be afraid of you, it just takes time. You have to remember that predators come from above and chicks know this instinctively. So, when your big hand comes from above and into the brooder to make a grab for one of them their little "uh oh, predator" alarm goes off in their heads. The best thing to do is put your hand in the brooder away from the group of chicks and let it just rest on the brooder floor for a minute before trying to pick up a chick. Move your hand sideways to capture a chick, not straight down from above.

    I'm sure you'll do just fine with your babies. Everyone is nervous at first. With each week you'll feel more and more at ease and confident about your brooding skills - especially when you see just how tough and resilient these little creatures are. Enjoy! [​IMG]
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    Quote:Thanks for the info! I just chaged thier bedding and water right now. I tried the hand thing and 2 brave cochins cam running up! It was so cute.

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