Why are her eggs like this? ~Pic~


8 Years
Jun 15, 2011
My Black Ameraucana's eggs are so weird looking! They are very bumpy. They are all like that. She is about 1 year old and her bumble feet seem fine now, because we have fixed it. Why are her eggs like that? Does it mean anything that she lays deformed eggs?

Sorry for the huge picture. Taken on my cell phone.


Thanks in advance!
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Is it like, normal at the pointy end, then a bump out all the way around the shell and then normal at the other end? Does the "bumped out" part look like it might be a little weaker then the rest of the shell?
I have one or two hens that will lay eggs with a bump or ring all the way around the middle of the shell. I don't think there's a problem with them if they lay 'em like that, but I don't incubate those eggs.
I tried incubating one just like that! It grew and pipped and then died. When I opened the egg to see why, it looked like it's insides were hanging out of it. Definately a deformity I would say. I'll never put another chick through that again.

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